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Kinentia Biosciences was founded in 2007 to utilize its platform chemoinformatics technology called Deep Data Mining (DDMâ„¢) to aid our clients in the discovery and development of novel pharmaceutical agents. DDM recognizes key risk factors involved in the drug discovery process and has built in process checks to mitigate this risk.

Contract Research and Manufacturing

In addition to consulting services Kinentia also offers contract research and development activities to support your drug discovery and development activities. We cover the complete discovery and development spectrum via in house preclinical support in the US and clinical support via our network of manufacturing partners located both in the US and Asia. For further information on our CRO / CMO capabilities please click here or contact us.

Consulting Services

Our team of consultants has extensive experience in the areas of global CRO and CMO management and materials procurement. By combining these capabilities with our platform technology Kinentia can greatly facilitate and mitigate the risk associated with pharmaceutical development. To see how Kinentia can aid you in your drug discovery and development efforts, please click here or contact us.

Chemical Catalog

Through our subsidiary KCS, Kinentia also offers an extensive catalog of chemical intermediates, building blocks and natural products. Many of these compounds are novel in nature and have been selected due to their drug like properties. For further information on KCS and to access the full catalog please visit www.kcs-online.com.